Prepping for FrosCon

As mentioned in earlier posts we will attend FrosCon this weekend. We are already deep in preperations as you can see in the pic below.


We are happy to welcome everyone to play Chaos Projectile on site.


Here are some first-hand impressions of the arcade cabinet:


The cabinet itself already existed and got pimped by us. Ultimately it will be possible to easily swap the controller panel to fit various games. The controller panel itself can also be used as a stand-alone device.

Goin’ into the open

After both the Fantasy Art/Basel and the Magnology/Hamburg we would like to thank everyone who was interested in our game! We got a lot of feedback while testing Chaos Projectile in the open.

the showfloor was packed the whole weekend through!
many thanks to our numerous playtesters!

In august we will be at FrosCon to show the game there. But before that we would like to invite you to next weeks HAW Hamburg Anual Exibhition were not only Chaos Projectile is shown on an arcade-cabinet (!), but all the other games made at the master course Games are playable aswell! Be prepared for some Rift-action.

Till then Anna is busy working on more art-assets. Me and Singer/Songwriter Luis Baltes are composing the music and sound-effects.

We hope to meet you next week!


Once again you will have the oppertunity to visit us and play the game live. We will exhibit at the Fantasy Basel from the 14th to the 16th of may.

Looking forward to it!

Controller Layout – Twin Stick Prototype

I already wrote about the integration of the Flow-Controller by Senic. Furthermore we are working on various controller layouts like this twin-stick-controller. It is in an early stage still but also functional.
We prototype with the Makey-Makey-Board which is based on an Arduino microcontroller and it gets connected via USB and recongnized as a simple keyboard. This makes prototyping extremely easy. Chaos Projectile is already playable with a keyboard: The WASD-keys move the character, the arrow-keys define the direction of aiming.

The prototype controller was shown at the ‘Under-the-Hood’-Session at AMaze Berlin last weekend:


April Tour

For all of you who want to see and play the game first hand and want to meet up with the two of us, this is your chance:

We have the chance to showcase our game Chaos Projectile at this years A Maze in Berlin on the 24th of april. Come and visit us at the Indie Arena booth at the ‘Urban Spree’-Location between 4pm and 3am. We will also show the game plus some insight in our workflow on day prior, the 23rd of april at 4:30pm, at the Indie Arena ‘Under-the-Hood-Session’.

If you for some reason are not able to come to Berlin but you are in Leipzig, then visit us at the 9. Langen Nacht der Computerspiele in Leipzig on the 25th of april from 1pm to 1 am.

looking forward meeting you!

Level Design

The Level Design in Chaos Projectile is heavily influenced by classic video games like the Metroid series by Nintendo. Unlike the 2D-adventures of Samus Aran, the screen in Chaos Projectile is fixed on the main character. This way she will always stay in the center of the screen.


Though the source code is rendering the level and is calculating the collision of the main character with the platforms, since the graphics are tile-based, we use the external Map Editor Tiled. This software has all the features we need for conveniently setting up the levels. The .tmx-file for example can store several layers in which we can place foreground and background graphics. These layers than get interpreted by the source code, which renders the graphics accordingly. Have a look at the file over at gitHub. We use the following layers

    decoration front
    decoration behind

As you can probably guess, the layers decoration front, decoration behind and bg hold all the tiles which get rendered before or after the main character. Also there is no collision detection with these layers. That all happens on the layer walls. Thats where all the tiles belong with which the main character is supposed to collide. The layer characters just for defining the posistion of enemies, heal pots etc. and is invisible in the editor.

The spritesheets are larger than initially necessary. This way we can add more tiles into the spritesheet later without messing up the editor-file.

Also, some of the tiles have properties. With these properties the source code can interpret the max HP of the main character. This way, i can change these and similar stats without the need to open and alter the source code itself.


Please hop over to gitHub and have a look into all the work-files yourself!

Controller Layout – Flow Controller

As mentioned in the post facts about the game Chaos Projectile supports Keyboard and Mouse aswell as Gamepad controls natively. This is necessary for these interfaces being the most common among gamers.

But with Chaos Projectile I am also looking for alternative control mechanisms, helping the player to get a more intense gaming experience. For me the HID (human-interface-device) is like a bridge between the real and the virtual world. The more the controller aligns itself with the gaming mechanics, the easier it is for the player to cross that bridge.

One solution could be the Flow Controller which is currently produced by a Berlin-based start-up called Senic.


Besides the touchpad, the sensor for distance measuring and a button, for me the outer ring is its most stunning feature. As you have a virtual orb in the game, which constantly has to be positioned around the player to specify the target course, the outer ring of the controller can intuitivly be used for exactly this purpose.

Charakter Idle

Since these two actions – the movement of the ring and the movement of the orb – are pretty similar, I think that it is very easy for the player to learn the control scheme, thus the barrier to entry is set very low. The character itself could be controlled via the touchpad, although a more precise d-pad is preferable. Also the design of the controller and the design of the virtual orb are similar as well. Personally of course, I hope for a red/black version 😉

If you got interested in the Flow Controller, I encourage you to hop over to the Indiegogo-Campagne and back the project as well!!


Pixel Art Tools

The graphics in the game Chaos Projectile are made in classic pixel art style. the scale of the main character for example is 128x128px.

Charakter Idle

Here you can download my brushes i made in Photoshop and used to draw the assets. The fileformat is .abr which can also be used in Gimp.

[UPDATE: due to switching the service the link above was dead! now it’s working again!]