Fact about the game

Game Loop

The game loop illustrates the basic tasks the player has to fullfill.

Game Loop illustriert welche Grundaufgaben im Spiel zu erfüllen sind.

Some of the information can already be found at the About site though additional info is shared below.

Facts about the game

Genre: Run’n’Gun + RPG Elements
Setting: Ancient Egypt + Cthulhu-Myth + Art Nouveau
Art Style: Pixel Art
Platform: PC
Number of playersl: 1 (PvP-Mode is planned)
Target group: Coregamer
Programming language and libraries: Python with PyGame (+ additional Python libraries)

For development I use Eclipse with PyDev. I am using the free open source software Aseprite, GIMP und Krita. The software Tiled is used for designing the levels.


Controller with emphazised buttons

Controller mit hervorgehobenen Steuerungselementen.

The game can be controlled either by mouse and keyboard or by gamepad. The WASD keys or the digital joypad is used to move the character. By pointing with the mouse or by using the analog stick, the player can control the direction or the emitting projectiles. Special abilities can be triggered either by the mouse buttons or the shoulder triggers.



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