Controller Layout – Flow Controller

As mentioned in the post facts about the game Chaos Projectile supports Keyboard and Mouse aswell as Gamepad controls natively. This is necessary for these interfaces being the most common among gamers.

But with Chaos Projectile I am also looking for alternative control mechanisms, helping the player to get a more intense gaming experience. For me the HID (human-interface-device) is like a bridge between the real and the virtual world. The more the controller aligns itself with the gaming mechanics, the easier it is for the player to cross that bridge.

One solution could be the Flow Controller which is currently produced by a Berlin-based start-up called Senic.


Besides the touchpad, the sensor for distance measuring and a button, for me the outer ring is its most stunning feature. As you have a virtual orb in the game, which constantly has to be positioned around the player to specify the target course, the outer ring of the controller can intuitivly be used for exactly this purpose.

Charakter Idle

Since these two actions – the movement of the ring and the movement of the orb – are pretty similar, I think that it is very easy for the player to learn the control scheme, thus the barrier to entry is set very low. The character itself could be controlled via the touchpad, although a more precise d-pad is preferable. Also the design of the controller and the design of the virtual orb are similar as well. Personally of course, I hope for a red/black version 😉

If you got interested in the Flow Controller, I encourage you to hop over to the Indiegogo-Campagne and back the project as well!!


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