The video game Chaos Projectile is being developed by Anna Dorokhova und Maik Helfrich. It is a 2dimensional action game with role-playing elements. The game is part of the master course Sound-Vision-GAMES at the HAW Hamburg and is being suppervised by the professors Gunther Rehfeld und Ralf Hebecker.


The game is set in the run’n’gun genre and uses game mechanics as known in the Mega Man or the Contra seriea. There will also be character development system with which the character can gain additional attributes or actions permanently over the course of the game. Every level has multiple exits. Dependent on what exit the player chooses, different character attributes get changed or actions unlocked. The gaphic style is hand-drawn and the setting takes place in ancient Egypt. Visual elements ot the Art Nouveau era are present, as well as influences from the Chthulu cult by Lovecraft.


Anna Dorokhova is a graduate in computer science at the  Kaiserslautern University of Technology in Kaiserslautern/Pfalz. Besides coding the AI or implementing the basic game mechanics, she is the lead art designer. She creates the characters and their animation. She also decides over the generell setting.

Maik Helfrich is a graduate in fine arts at the University of Fine Arts Saar in Saarbrücken/Saarland. He assists Anna with the coding as well as with the art design. Also he is responsible for the level design and the interface design like external controllers etc. Together with Producer Luis Baltes he is composing the musik and designs the sound effekt for the game.


The development of the game started in spring 2014 with brainstorming and an early prototype. A demo version with several levels, finished graphics, sound assets and implemented game mechanics will be made public in summer 2015. also a pvp mode is planned.


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